The Heroic Legend of Arslan English Dubbed Episodes

The Heroic Legend of Arslan English Dubbed Episodes

Apr. 05, 2015

List of Episodes

1Season 1 Apr. 04, 2015



Daisuke Namikawa isNarsus (voice)
Narsus (voice)
Kenta Miyake isKubard (voice)
Kubard (voice)
Maaya Sakamoto isFalangies (voice)
Falangies (voice)
Natsuki Hanae isElam (voice)
Elam (voice)
Yoshimasa Hosoya isDaryun (voice)
Daryun (voice)
Yuusuke Kobayashi isArslan (voice)
Arslan (voice)
Yuki Kaji isHilmes (voice)
Hilmes (voice)
Ai Kayano isIrina (voice)
Irina (voice)
Atsuko Tanaka isTahamenay (voice)
Tahamenay (voice)
Hiroki Yasumoto isKishward (voice)
Kishward (voice)

Anime Video

Anime Story

The Heroic Legend of Arslan Dubbed in English online free anime episodes watch download full. Arslan Senki,Arslan is the heir apparent of Pars, a strong nation that sits at the hear of the trade route connecting the East and the West. When the pagan nation of Lusitania begins an invasion of Pars, the timid Arslan is confronted with battle for the first time. His worst anxieties are realized the Parsian army falls for a Lusitanian stratagem and are routed. He barely escapes with his life, thanks to the loyal and indomitable warrior Daryun. Together they will stand against the invasion and the cruelties of fate that are about to blow down on Pars.

The Heroic Legend of Arslan English Dubbed Episodes
Anime Name アルスラーン戦記
Anime Rating 7 22 votes
First air Episode Apr. 05, 2015
Last air Episode Aug. 21, 2016
All Seasons 2
Total Episodes 33
Average Duration 24 minutes

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